Innovative Ways To Use Mint Syrup

There are a variety of ways to add Blossom's Mint Syrup in everyday dishes and appetizers. Here are a few of our favorite ways...


Drizzle Over:
1- A plate of raw vegetable to add a surprise to guests’ taste buds.
2- A bowl of ice cream.
3- A plate of assorted cheese.
4- A bowl of yogurt.
5- A bowl of oatmeal.
6- A piece of toast.

Mix With:
1- Your baking batch
2- Your seasoning
3- Your dip
4- Your roasting batch
5- Your salad dressing
6- Your cocktail

We love to hear from you and your unique way in incorporating the Mint Syrup in
your daily culinary experience. Share your favorite recipes with us, by emailing them to

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